Marshalls Regional Award Winning ‘Best Patio Transformation under 35m2 2014’

Before we began work on this garden extensive repairs to the boundary walls were necessary, i.e. re-pointing, re-building and rendering. On the upper level, in order to align the feature pattern centrally, we had to reduce the width of the Sawn Steps, shifting the pattern across, this allowed us to lay the herringbone feature central to the space, and also to the patio door.  The step up to the doors was not straight forward either, as we had to build it hollow to maintain the airflow to the house airbricks. The paving on the main patio was set out to ensure that the stepping stones through the lawn lined up with the flags in that area. With the artificial grass laid to finish, it makes this a very low maintenance garden, allowing the customer sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning space we have created.

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