Silver Medal Winning Garden RHS Tatton 2012

The garden was designed for the Family Refugee Support Project  (FRSP), a registered charity in Liverpool working with families who have suffered the traumatising effects of war, torture and displacement.  Through providing specialist counselling and practical support to parents they seek to improve the life chances and mental health of all family members.

FRSP wanted the opportunity to show the work they do to the wider horticultural community; to spread the word on the value of therapeutic gardening, as well as highlighting the issues faced by refugee families.

The design of the garden featured raised beds, a sandstone wall, living green wall and a view of Liverpool’s skyline, all  inspired by the project’s new therapeutic garden.  Flowing, brightly coloured lines symbolised families and the process of healing through horticulture.  Families from different cultures grow together, regaining their strength and putting down new roots working towards independence.  Inspiration came from seeing what is usually obscured from view; the lives of families seeking asylum, working to transform a little-known site in the middle of Toxteth, providing a haven of peace.

After months of planning, the garden was brought to life in July 2012 in the grounds of Tatton Park and awarded a Silver Medal in the Back to Back Garden category.  Thousands of visitors and national media enjoyed the garden and it was featured on the BBC2 programme covering the event.  After the show, many elements of the garden have been recycled and re-used in FRSP’s garden in Toxteth.

Client: Family Refugee Support Project

Designer: Emily Ross – Eat Landscape Design

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